Alice in Wonderland Photography

I am so excited to be writing this post today. If you are new here, I encourage you to check out my Alice in Wonderland themed tea party that I threw for my daughter’s 10th birthday. In order to keep with her theme, I decided to shoot her ten-year photos with her as Alice as well. I looked all over the internet and Pinterest for ideas and planned out my shoot. Today I’m going to give you some tips on how to shoot some Alice in Wonderland photography.

Alice in Wonderland Photography

Step One-Planning

You need to scout a location. Parks and gardens are an ideal place for this kind of theme. I was lucky enough to have this beautiful nursery in my hometown that has gorgeous gardens. Make sure you ask for permission ahead time and inquire if there is a fee for where you decide to shoot. Once you have your location set up, you should visit it a couple of times so that you can plan out your shots. The other benefit of visiting the location prior is figuring out which time of day works best for lighting in your desired location.

Step Two-Props and Accessories

Order an outfit and find accessories. I purchased this costume from Amazon and it was available for prime. Since I planned the shots that I wanted prior, it made it easy for me to select props and accessories for the shoot. I went to a thrift store and found tea settings, glassware, and books. After there I went over to the dollar store and picked up silk red roses, a paintbrush, and cards. The rabbit statue I used was a TJ Maxx find. I found something similar on Amazon here if you are not as lucky.

Step Three-The Photoshoot

Have your camera ready and plan out for time. I spent about two hours in total taking photos since we used multiple scenes. My camera is a full-frame mirror-less from Sony. In my camera bag I brought 2 back up batteries, an extra SD card, a tripod, and two lenses. For the portait style shots (close up) I used a 50 mm lens and for the wider angle landscape style shots, I used a 24-70mm lens. Remember to shoot in a lower ISO to keep your photos from being grainy.

Step Four-Editing

I mainly used a bright and airy preset as well as a sunset preset to edit my photos in Adobe Lightroom since I shot my photos closer to sunset. If you want to get fancy like the photo below, purchase some png clip art from etsy to overlay in Adobe Photoshop.

Alice in Wonderland Photography

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I’ve been learning photography on the go for about 2 years now. I had a lot fun with this and my daughter. This photo shoot was precious and I hope this inspires you to try some themed Alice in Wonderland Photography.