Alice in Wonderland Themed Tea Party

I don’t know how it happened but my little girl turned 10 this month! Every year we come up with a theme and this year we decided on Alice in Wonderland. We tried a tea party at Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort and fell in love with the tea party concept. Since we had to host a small party this year afternoon tea seemed like a great option. We settled on an Alice in Wonderland themed Tea Party.

The Food & Beverages

  • Tea Sandwiches: I did a ham and cheddar with mayo and arugula, egg salad and veggie spread cucumber (click the link for spread recipe). Remember, crusts are typically not on tea sandwiches.
  • Tea & Hot Chocolate: I kept things simple and used teabags and filled the pot with hot water which was easier for a smaller group. I had a separate small pot for hot chocolate.
  • Scones: There is a big difference between American and British scones. British scones are more like biscuits. I used Cupcake Jemma’s recipe and they turned out great!
  • Clotted Cream: This is time-consuming but seriously easy to make. All it requires is baking heavy cream for 12 hours in an oven, cooling it, and then refrigerate it overnight. This is the recipe I used and it made all the difference. Everyone raved about this at the party.
  • Jams: I made my own homemade jams and had a variety. The jams I put out included raspberry, strawberry, sour cherry, blueberry, and black raspberry.
  • Sweets: I did an assortment of eclairs, mini cream puffs, and pudding tarts.
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Theme

Plates and Utensils

  • This beautiful tea china set actually came from Goodwill. All I had to do was order some tea spoons from amazon. There is one plate that goes with the cup and a flatter plate for the sandwiches, scones, and pastries. The chargers I purchased a while ago from Dollar Tree for $1 each.
  • The gold dishes are a thick plastic covered in gold. I used these for the disposable cake plates, tea, and napkins.
  • Three-tier stands. These are essential for any tea party let alone and Alice in Wonderland themed tea party! The one in the middle is a crystal one that I purchased from Goodwill. The other white and clear ones were plastic and from Amazon.
  • Tea Pots, Sugar and Cream Containers: All of these containers were Goodwill scores!
Alice in Wonderland Themed Tea Party Place Setting


  • Deck of Cards and Silk Roses: I used these all over the table for some character. These were all purchased at the Dollar Store.
  • Keys: Along with the cards and roses, these were a nice accent to add to the table given the story having keys for different doors. You can purchase these keys on amazon in a little package. They come in a 30 piece set for $6.99.
  • Chair Covers & Sashes: This may seem overboard to some but I wanted everything at the table to be tied into my Alice in Wonderland Tea Party theme. The sashes were about $1 apiece and come in a set of 10 or 50. The chair covers are spandex and come in sets of 10, 20, and 100. These also come in a variety of colors just like the sashes. I opted for black so that I could get more use out of them for future parties.
  • Wall Decorations: I found these cute rustic wall decorations on Amazon. The match the same theme as the cake paper plates and napkins from the original Alice in Wonderland book.
  • White Rabbit Statue and Books: These were a great accent to the table. The rabbit was found at TJ Maxx and the books were from Goodwill. I took the book covers off of them to give them a more neutral, archaic look.
  • Tablecloth and Runner: You always need a good tablecloth for a proper tea party! The tablecloth and runner were both from Amazon.

This party was definitely one of my favorites. Olivia dressed up as Alice with a costume to complete the look. The great part about this party is it was completely designed by us. We planned it together and the look on her face seeing it come alive was worth it. I hope you will give this Alice in Wonderland themed Tea Party a try for your next event or birthday. You will not be disappointed!

Alice in Wonderland themed Tea Party Decorations and Table

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