Author: Halee

Holiday Table Decor Inspiration

The holidays are just around the corner. One of the amazing things about this time of year is the different styles of decorations you can see. Some people prefer multi color lights, others refined white lights with candles in the window. You can adorn your house with snowmen, Santa, or both. My Christmas approach is […]

Marshmallow Popcorn Balls

I got candy, I got a pack of gum, I got a popcorn ball, and I got a rock! There will be no rocks in this post Charlie Brown. My daughter loves watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” The whole first phrase of this post has been uttered in my house more times than […]

The Best Air Fryer Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Move over Chik Fil A, Popeye’s, and Wendy’s! There is a new sheriff in town. I absolutely love a good spicy chicken sandwich. This sandwich has better ingredients and is more substantial than any fast food option that you would get. These sandwiches pair perfectly with family or the big game. Let’s dive into how […]

Thanksgiving Table Decor DIY

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. While I love seeing the orange colors on the trees, I like to keep my decor bright and airy. In this case, even a little sparkly. Today’s post will be quick because it is mostly for inspiration so that you could start planning. This is my new Thanksgiving table […]

Apple Dumplings Recipe

This ladies and gentlemen is the best fall dessert. You can keep your pies and candied apples, this is it. My apple dumplings recipe encompasses everything Fall. It is the ultimate cool-weather treat and is best served a la mode. What you Need to Know About Apple Dumplings To sum it up, an apple dumpling […]

Walnut Brownies Recipe

I appreciate brownies in all their forms. There are a few recipes that I use depending on the mood that I am in. Today’s recipe is one that I grew up with. My mother makes these as her signature brownies. I just remember how chocolatey they were and how good the walnuts blended in with […]