Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Fireplace Decor

So I may be a bit obsessed with Halloween. When it comes to my fireplace mantle, I prefer to create my own “garland” style decor. This allows me to replace pieces and lighting without having to throw the whole piece away. I’m excited for this year since it is my first Halloween in my new house. I plan on trying out many different decorations. Today’s project is my Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Fireplace Mantle Decor.

What you will need for the Halloween Fireplace Decor

The Dollar Tree always has fantastic fall decorations and they usually come out with their line in August. Everything in the above photo is from the Dollar Tree minus the black and white pumpkin and the two sparkly orange ribbon pieces. This year they have spooky black eyeball silk florals, glittery pumpkins and orange string lights.

What you will need:

  • Fall Silk Floral Pieces and Glitter Floral
  • (1) Package of Cobwebs
  • (2) Packages of Spiders
  • Assortment of Sparkly Pumpkins (the ones on the mantle light up)
  • (4) Packages of Orange battery powered lights
  • (1) Package of Black Halloween Mesh
  • (1) Ghost
Halloween Fireplace Decor

Step One: Start webbing the cobweb around the fireplace. My fireplace is smooth so it was hard to find something to grip to but you just need to be patient.

Step Two: Drape the black mesh across the mantle.

Step Three: Clip all your floral into separate pieces and arrange along the mantle.

Step Four: Place the pumpkins and Ghost on the mantle.

Step Five: Arrange the spiders all over the webbing.

Step Six: String the lights throughout the floral.

Step Seven: Enjoy your spooky fireplace.

Halloween Fireplace Decor

I would love to know your favorite parts of this fireplace and what kind of Halloween theme you do at your house. This was a lot of fun to put together and was nice on a tight budget. I hope you enjoyed this Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Fireplace Decor tutorial.

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