Light, Bright & Airy Living Room Design

It is an early Saturday morning here in Western New York. I have another kind of new post for you today. If you google light, bright & airy living room design, you will see many photos for inspiration. Not to sound basic but this design style speaks to me. I closed on my new house 10 days ago and have been living here for the past five nights. I’m happy to announce that I’m almost completely unpacked and have finished my primary living spaces. My living room came out so good that I couldn’t help but share. Here is my light, bright & airy living room design.

Here are some of the before photos of the space:

Before from the doorway side
Before from opposite corner

As you can see, I had some work to do. It was not as much as you would think. I kept the wall color in the room because it was nice and light with green/blue hues. This saved me a bunch of time. The fireplace, I decided to white wash it (post to come on how to). Then of course, those custom curtains had to go.

The Big Reveal

Bright & Airy Living Room Design

Where did these pieces come from and what do they cost?

Sectional Sofa with Cuddler: Value City ($1,299)

Lamps, Area Rug, Curtains & End Tables: Home Goods ($29.99, $229.00, $24.99 for two pack and $69.99 each)

Coffee Table and Pillows: TJ Maxx ($150.00, $24.99 per two pack)

Coffee Table Centerpiece: Walmart ($14.97)

The biggest advice that I can give about remodeling a room is to buy your pieces over time. I started buying some of these pieces over a month ago and went to multiple stores looking for the right pieces. Don’t be afraid to mix your woods if they are in the same color family. I was nervous at first with my coffee table. It was the last piece I bought and I wasn’t sure if it was too light compared to the end tables. Needless to say, it looks amazing!

The Fireplace Look

This project may have been my crowning moment of the whole thing. These little Knick Knacks came from TJ Maxx and set me back about $30 for all 5 items. The paint and brushes that I purchased for the fireplace were about $35 out the door from Lowes. Like I said before, I will be doing a whole post on how to whitewash a stone fireplace very soon. I personally don’t like a lot of clutter around fireplaces so I kept the decor very simple. Less is more.

Bright & Airy Living Room Design

I’m so happy with how this design turned out. I really wanted something light, bright & airy for my living room. It is part of the heart of the house. I wanted it to feel calm and relaxing. It needed to set the mood for relaxation and happiness. I hope this post has given you some inspiration for your next home makeover.

Let me know below what components of this design are your favorite!

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