Outdoor Fall Home Decor Inspiration

I have been a busy bee. However, I can now say that all of my fall and Halloween decor are now up. When it comes to outside of my house, I try to stick with more of a fall approach for decorations as it can last me through Thanksgiving. That doesn’t mean that I can’t add a spooky twist to it though either. Today’s post is dedicated to my outdoor fall home decor inspiration!

Outdoor Fall Home Decor Inspiration

What you Need to Achieve this Look:

  • Mums: The ultimate fall floral. Mums are very hardy and can withstand cooler temperatures. I purchased mums with orange and white hues to go with my theme. These colors are bright and neutral.
  • Mini LED Remote Candles: I’m sure you’ve seen the images on Pinterest with the candles but we need to be honest. Who is going to go out and light candles every night? Not this girl. I purchased my candles on Amazon with Prime!
  • White & Orange Pumpkins and Gourds: You want to grab some in all shapes and sizes. I made the decision to purchase a few faux pumpkins so that I’m not having to purchase all new pumpkins every year. I purchased them from Lowe’s in their outdoor decoration section.
  • Lanterns: I think this adds a very classy look to the porch. The plus side to getting non-holiday specific lanterns is that you can use them with a twist for almost every holiday!
  • Wooden Crates: I liked using these in different ways to create height in different spots on the porch. I purchased mine at TJ Maxx but you can purchase them online as well. The crates in this link come in different colors as well if you don’t like the white.
  • Halloween Sign: I have to say, Big Lots comes in clutch with unique holiday decorations for a great price. I purchased this sign which can be hung or used with a stand (it comes with this). This came in at $20 which is way cheaper than I could make it for.
  • Outdoor Striped Rug: This is a fantastic Amazon find. The material has a stiff/plastic finish so it is very easy to clean. The material is very durable as well. Black and White Rugs are a great way to theme an outdoor porch.
  • Holiday Door Mat: I purchased mine in August so I definitely had a bunch to choose from. I fell in love with this one from Amazon.
  • Fall Wreath: I’m very spoiled because my mother gave me this wreath. I have another one that I made before on a different door. My mother has some of her wreaths available for sale on my Etsy if you’d like to take a look.

I just love the way that this came together. It is also stunning at sunset and night time with the flickering candles. I didn’t bother changing out from the planter pots. Maybe that will be something I invest in down the road but it is not a deal breaker for me.

Which part of this look is your favorite?

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