Pampered Chef Peach Jam Recipe

I didn’t think it was possible but I’m obsessed with my blender. My best friend started selling Pampered Chef and introduced me to this cooking blender. I’ve always loved their products and grew up with my mother constantly hosting parties. It is a game-changer for soups, jams, smoothies, and more. Rock fruits are in season so I wanted to share my Pampered Chef Peach Jam recipe.

I couldn’t find a recipe on their website for peach jam so I had to guess a bit. This peach jam recipe is so simple and is only a few ingredients. This Pampered Chef Blender makes the jam so smooth. People have been calling me left and right for more jam. Peach and the Sour Cherry jams were the favorites.

Pampered Chef Peach Jam Recipe

Peach Jam Recipe using the Pampered Chef Deluxe Cooking Blender
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Servings 6 Half Pints


  • Pampered Chef Deluxe Cooking Blender


  • 5 cups Chopped Peaches with Skin
  • 6 tbsp Pectin
  • 5 cups White Granulated Sugar


  • Add peaches to blender with pectin
  • Set blender to jam setting and start
  • Halfway through it will beep, when it does add your sugar and hit start again
  • Once completed (50 minutes) pour into jars immediately as it will start to set quickly
  • Allow to cook and can or wax the jam for storage

I hope you enjoyed this Pampered Chef Peach Jam Recipe. The deluxe cooking blender is pricey but it is worth every penny. Let me know what you think!

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15 thoughts on “Pampered Chef Peach Jam Recipe

  1. Anthony Macken

    5 stars
    Wow. Just made this jam and it is great. Now when peaches come into season (in NJ) we will not be throwing the unused peaches out.

  2. Sandra Collins

    5 stars
    I’m about to try this recipe! Before I do, did it not have lemon juice, or another acid? I’ve made lots of jellies, but I’m fairly new to jam making. I just have to ask before I start.
    (And the PC cooking blender was money well spent. I love it!)

    1. Halee Post author

      I do not put any lemon juice in mine. This one is definitely a favorite. Remember if your peaches are extremely juicy, add in another tablespoon or so of pectin. This blender is amazing.

  3. Lesly

    My jam is more if a syrup. I think the peaches were too ripe? I’m going to try again with extra pectin.

  4. LynnEl

    5 stars
    This jam recipe is fantastic!! Thank you so much, and I agree, this Cooking Blender is the Bomb!!!! I couldn’t love it more! I have three of them!!!

  5. H

    For the storage part once I put in the jars so the Seel with the lids right away then do a boiling bath to Seel for long term shelf storage or?!

  6. julie jones

    Question! Why did you leave the skin on the peaches? Every other peach recipe I looked up says to blanch the peaches. But I’m totally down to do the easier route, which is your way! Lol! Just wondering if there was a reason why you chose to leave the skins on the peaches! Cant wait to try this recipe!!

    1. Halee Post author

      It is a funny thought. I actually kept it on for the fiber in the peach skin. Not that fiber is a huge deal with all the sugar but that was my thought process. Plus this blender purees so nicely that you wouldn’t know there were skins in the jam.

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