Pampered Chef Strawberry Jam

I’m back again with another blender jam recipe. Since it is strawberry season, I figured let’s do some sweet strawberry jam. My best friend started selling Pampered Chef and introduced me to this cooking blender. I’ve always loved their products and grew up with my mother constantly hosting parties. It is a game-changer for soups, jams, smoothies, and more. This is the same recipe as the Pampered Chef Site but I prefer a certain type of pectin.

This strawberry jam recipe is so simple and is only a few ingredients. This Pampered Chef Blender makes the jam so smooth. People have been calling me left and right for more jam. Peach and the Sour Cherry jams are family favorites as well.

Pampered Chef Strawberry Jam


  • 4 cups Fresh Strawberries, halved
  • 5 tbsp Ball Classic Pectin
  • 5-6 cups White Sugar


  • Add Strawberries to Blender with Pectin
  • Set Blender to Jam Setting and Start
  • At the half way mark when it beeps, add the sugar and continue
  • Once completed, pour into jars immediately and let set

I hope you enjoyed this Pampered Chef Strawberry Jam Recipe. The deluxe cooking blender is pricey but it is worth every penny. Let me know what you think!

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    1. Halee Post author

      I actually use gulf wax to seal my jars versus the full canning method. My mother used that growing up and this has worked for me too!

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