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Walnut Brownies Recipe

I appreciate brownies in all their forms. There are a few recipes that I use depending on the mood that I am in. Today’s recipe is one that I grew up with. My mother makes these as her signature brownies. I just remember how chocolatey they were and how good the walnuts blended in with […]

Lemon Pound Cake French Toast

I am all about recycling leftovers into new creations. Last week I showed you my lemon pound cake recipe which was definitely drool worthy. Well, I always end up with some leftovers because there are times I try to exercise self-control. I was thinking to myself what I could do with it. Making mini trifles […]

Lemon Pound Cake Recipe

I have always loved lemon desserts. The flavor is bright and fresh. It almost hides the notion that it is not always healthy for you. Lemon is a great flavor and pairs so well with other flavors like berries, creams, and even dark chocolate. Today I’m going to show you my favorite lemon pound cake […]